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When was the last time you looked at your door lock and judged it on the basis of its aesthetics? A lock’s true worth lies not in its looks but its ability to protect. If you can see that your locks are dilapidated and in need of change, then a burglar can see it too. Now that you have acknowledged the problem, it is time you acted fast. Losing any more time in contemplation is only making you a softer target. So pick up that phone and dial 212-918-5467 to speak with an expert at New York Emergency Locksmith. We are one of the most trusted locksmiths in New York NY, offering a full range of locksmithing services to our clients. Whether you are looking for a locksmith in Mount Kisco New York or an expert West New York locksmith 60th st., you are likely to connect with us or one of our technicians. We were the pioneers of locksmithing in these local regions and have been in business for 10 years now to have gained an enviable trust of the community.

Want to make sure that your locks and keys are in safe hands? Then don't make the mistake of entrusting it into the hands of a scammer! We can assure you that New York Emergency Locksmith is well-respected and spoken for in your community.

What sets us apart?

You will find locksmiths dime a dozen in New York. With so many of them out there, it can get incredibly difficult to find that really does have your best interest at heart and just doesn’t mean pure business. New York Emergency Locksmith is that service partner who is in this for you and not for the money alone.

When we started our business 10 years ago, we were met with intense competition. However, over the years, all these competitors perished while we sustained because of our long-standing commitment to quality as well as integrity of our employees. We don't exploit our customers and their emergency situations by charging them a premium. When you call us, you pay the standard price.

So if you are ever stuck outside your car or struggling to get inside your home after a long day at work, don't get frustrated. You know we are just a phone call away.

We can not only provide you with emergency assistance, but also help you make an informed decision when you want to upgrade the security of your home or commercial premises. We can rekey your second-hand car or duplicate your laser cut keys in no time. We can do everything that your regular locksmith can do, only better and in a more affordable manner. This is why you should trust no one else but us when it comes to your lock and key needs.

Fast Response Time

When you are locked out of your car or house, do you really want to wait for a locksmith to arrive at their own leisure? You naturally need a quick assistance and want help to arrive ASAP. We understand the needs of promptness in our business and this is why New York Emergency Locksmith guarantees assistance within 30 minutes of receiving your call. What’s more? We have a fleet of highly sophisticated mobile vans that can arrive at your location in no time and fix those lock issues. Don't worry if you are stuck in an inconvenient location. Our skilled technicians will find you and get you on your way.

Extensive Training

As qualified locksmiths, we put our experts through intensive training. We test them on all kinds of locks and teach them how to work with each of them quickly and accurately. As a result, what you get is a dexterous technician who knows his way around the most advanced or traditional lock. Our training not only prepares them with technical skills but also with soft skills so that they can add the human element to this otherwise lackluster service. So what you remember in the end is an amenable technician who wanted to help you in all earnestness. This is the kind of experience we bring to the table for our customers and this is why they keep coming back for more!

Remote Locations

Have you ever seen a vehicle breakdown at an approachable destination? For some reason, they find the most difficult areas. But does that mean you outside the periphery of help? The answer is no, not if you are in the New York Emergency Locksmith service zone! No matter where you are in New York, we will send help as quickly as possible.

Our Services

We are the leading locksmiths in New York NY. Some of our service include the following:

  • Automotive locksmith: Car breakdowns and lockouts are real, even if they have never happened with you. But does that mean they never will? You know the answer to it. Besides an auto locksmith is needed for a lot of reasons apart from emergency situations. What if you just bought a second-hand car? Can you really sleep in peace knowing that its previous owner may still have a key? We can rekey the old locks and amplify the security of your vehicle. We can also reprogram your transponder key, if required. In short, we can handle all your car lock and key related needs. So just call us at 212-918-5467 when you need an expert. 
  • Residential locksmith: Home locks are supposed to not only meet your safety needs but also match the décor to tie the whole look together. But how do you find something like this that falls within your budget? Talk to an expert! New York Emergency Locksmith’s experienced locksmiths in Mount Kisco New York will be able to assess your home security situation and recommend you necessary upgrades that are suitable to your needs and budget. Since we also work with top manufacturers in the locking industry, we can also help you secure good deals and endless stream of designs that will fit your house perfectly.
  • Commercial locksmith: Commercial locks are a whole different deal than the home locks. Apart from meeting the local laws and building standards, they must also meet the security needs of your business. Are you dealing with sensitive customer data? If so, you are going to need locks that can limit access to those files and ensure 100% safety. This is why you need to tell us what you need in detail so that we can design customizable solutions for your business. Call us today at 212-918-5467 and setup an appointment with our experts.
  • Emergency locksmith: Facing a break-in? We understand how harrowing that can be. But don't panic. Call the emergency locksmith at New York Emergency Locksmith to help you in these testing times. We will arrive within moment’s notice and take full control of your safety situation. We can also help you file insurance claims as well as fortify your security to prevent its recurrence.

Locksmiths are an important part of our lives, even if we don't realize it at the moment. From changing door locks to getting duplicate keys, you almost always need them. So why not add New York Emergency Locksmith to your speed dial? We’re right here in West New York locksmith 60th st to service your every need! Now you know where to call when you need reliable locksmith support! Our number, 212-918-5467, is operational 24/7.


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